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176: Mercury Rising

30 juli 2023

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Mercuryprogrammet och NASAs skapande, falska elektorer i Michigan, och nya åtalspunkter mot vår 45e president.

Länkar och källor

Mercury Rising

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Mercurius - handelns och köpmännens gud

Project Mercury


The Fake Electors Scheme, Explained (Gift Article) 🎁

Giuliani won’t contest Georgia election workers’ claims that he falsely accused them of manipulating ballots

Mother-daughter election workers targeted by Trump say there’s ‘nowhere’ they feel safe

Superseding Indictment: The Boss (Trump) Told His Staff to Destroy Evidence (Over the Cliff Notes)

Chicago Project’s Report on Dangers to Democracy Shows a Visceral Swell of Awful


Analysis | Half the GOP doesn’t think Trump had sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago

Michigan AG Hits 16 Fake Electors With Felony Charges

Israeli antiquities are stranded at Trump’s estate as authorities fail to retrieve them