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181: Kan vi stänga av Amerika och sätta på det igen?

8 oktober 2023

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Nya strejker, kaos i representanthuset, vår 45:e president har det jobbigt, och nationell brist på laxermedel. Ack ja.

Länkar och källor

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Government shutdown averted at the last minute; next key deadline is Nov. 17

DCCC Officially Endorses Jim Jordan (Kidding! not kidding)

Please Scream Inside Your Heart, Dave Pell

The Nones

New York judge finds Donald Trump liable for fraud | CNN Politics

Trump drops off Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans

Donald Trump dismisses lawsuit against former fixer Michael Cohen

Trump pushes envelope with comment on the ‘poisoning’ of U.S. ‘blood’

Trump Goes Full Deranged, Suggests Charging People He Doesn’t Like With Treason

The Patriot

Trump calls for police to shoot shoplifters as they leave the store

America needs to talk about the right’s ‘Red Caesar’ plan for U.S. dictatorship | Will Bunch

‘Red Caesarism’ is rightwing code – and some Republicans are listening

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‘God help us’: Trump’s ex-chief of staff unleashes on former boss as he confirms contempt for troops

“Tip of the iceberg”: Experts sound the alarm after Trump blabbed nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago

John F. Kelly

People Rely on Laxatives So Much, There Aren’t Enough to Go Around

End of an era: The CDC has stopped printing Covid vaccination cards